Cops: Woman Arrested For Demanding Oral Sexual Favor!

When does a West Virginia male say no to a demand from a female for an oral sexual favor?

Smokinggun says a 41 year old West Virginia woman is in custody after she showed up at her ex-husbands motel unit, just 4 doors down from hers, and demanded oral sexual favors from him. The report says he refused but – as his ex-wife proceeded to undress – his guest agreed to do it.

The problem came when the guest got closer to her and noticed a horrible odor emanating from her vajayjay area. Pew! Hasn’t everyone heard of Summer’s Eve?

He rapidly changed his mind and refused to do anything further.

Thats when reports say she pulled out a  locking folding knife, pointed it at her ex-husband and said-

“Somebody is going to eat my pu**y or I’m going to cut your f*cking throat.”

Dilemma! Luckily the cops came before he had to make THAT decision.

Cops in West Virginia are reveling in the LOLs. Surely their copier is busy. Bets the police report will remain on the bulletin board for a long time? These are the occasions when work is okay.

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